What’s the Madden 18 Soundtrack?

Everyone plays Madden because it’s NFL football fun that no other game can bring their way, but that isn’t to say that the soundtrack doesn’t also inspire them to download the game to their phone so they can play Madden anytime, anywhere. If you’re a lover of music, the Madden 18 soundtrack is one that will make you smile. If you’ve yet to play the game and hear the soundtrack, you are in for a real treat when the discovery is finally made. It’s one of the best soundtracks we’ve heard in some time now.

A Soundtrack with all the Right Music

The soundtrack is just the right mix of sounds to inspire you to play your very best. You’ll be ready to go full throttle against the other team, ready to take off head to win the game. Make sure that you use your madden mobile glitch to get access to unlimited coins and you will love the soundtrack even more. The madden mobile glitch is free and so useful. Now, on to the good stuff.

The Madden soundtrack features music from some of today’s biggest artists, including Meek Mill, Steve Aoki, Kendrick Lamar, and Calvin Harris. There are also tons of up-and-coming artists and those who’ve been around for a while. Action Bronson, ASAP Mob, Big Sean, French Montana, & Travis Scott are among the names who’ve made contributions to the video game.

The Sounds You need for Football Fun

Now, as far as songs are concerned, this soundtrack has plenty different sounds to get you going. It doesn’t matter what your preferred music genre, the songs that are featured on this soundtrack get you pumped and grooving, in the mood for a little football fun. There are songs in all genres on the soundtrack, too, so there’s lots of versatility here. Who cannot appreciate versatility?

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Belly performs Man Listen on Madden 18 soundtrack. This dope song will get your blood pumping and the crowd going.  Big Boi performs Kill Jill, a song featuring Killer Mike and Jeezy. There’s also Common Sense, an unreleased song performed by J Hus. Everyone’s favorite hustler, Rick Ross, contributed the song “Dead Presidents,” while Snoop Dogg sings Go On, featuring October London.

More Music to Love

These are only some of the songs and artists that you will hear as you play Madden 18. With so many great song titles and artists that you know, you’re probably already excited to hear the sounds if you’ve yet to make the discovery. But, do not stop with hearing them only on the game. Once you hear them, you’ll want to hear more, so check the songs out on YouTube and elsewhere.

Songs on a game soundtrack really make a difference in the fun the game brings. When you’re playing Madden 18, you can expect a soundtrack that doesn’t let you down. You will love and appreciate each song that is on the soundtrack that you hear, and that’s a fact.