Some of the spells are quite in your face while others may seem downright impossible to realize. Who could have thought there are people out there who could come up with so many love spells, many of which you would never have imagined possible, dreamed of or thought of. On this question, we will leave you to wonder on as we present to you with a variety of free online love spells traditionally provided to you by recommended and accredited and recognized spell casters, psychics and mediums.

Seduction spells are available to those of you who wish to successfully seduce someone you are attracted to. These are in accordance with human nature’s tendency to satisfy physical desires. Some of these spells come in the form of love charms and can take anything from one to two weeks to have any effect. Interestingly, these spells have been specifically designed for use by men.

But there is something for the ladies as well. These are spells that have been designed to get the man to become attracted to the woman as well. Physical attractions aside, there are deeper intentions to do with long term arrangements such as marriage and the manifestations of love. A specialist love psychic normally carries out these spells.  

love spells

These psychics are gifted. They are a lot different from traditional spell casters. They also act as love advisors or councilors. Psychics have had the gift of making accurate forecasts on someone’s life or events since birth. Spell casters, on the other hand, spend a number of years in study and training before they are able to successfully cast spells.

A marriage spell is available for those with deeper and noble intentions in mind. These types of spells are also crafted with long term desires in mind. This is to ensure that the marriage is a successful one, warding off as many obstacles familiar to married life as possible. Black and white love spells are typically used for these purposes. White love or magic spells have often been preferred because of the common associations with purity and goodness.

But if abused or miscast, white spells have its dark side too. And while black magic spells are associated with the dark side of natural and occult life, it also has its good intentions.

But of course, if things do not always work out as planned or desired there are always break up spells, would you believe. There is a mature acknowledgement in this in the sense that youthful, romantic notions are sacrificed to make way for the acceptance that some things are not meant to be. No animosity, acrimony or hurt is intended. There is just that peaceful purpose to allow grownups to part ways and go on with their lives as individuals or even with someone else.

As for the weird and wacky spells, we dare you to try and find them.